National and state Awardees steal the show at Surajkund International Crafts Mela.

As the adage goes ‘this is not an ordinary show’, holds true to the letter when it comes to Surajkund International Crafts Mela. The 35 th edition like every year has extremely gifted artists who are not only preserving the ancient art
and craft but have been recognized on a national level and state level for their
From Tanjori paintings, Traditional Toy making to handlooms, National Awardees from across the country are here and the patrons are vying for their exceptionally created art forms.

Meet Dilshad Husain at Stall No 1084. Dilshad is a Shilp Guru Awardee and specializes in Art Metal Handicraft. He states that Muradabad, Uttar Pradesh is known for such crafts and he feels Surajkund is a perfect platform for such art and crafts. His vases, pots and other decorations pieces are truly a
reflection of Moradabadi style and can add a touch of royal era to any décor.

Smt. Ujjala Jana at Stall No 1075, is a state awardee from west Bengal. She has brought mats, rugs and bags from her native place. She specializes in Masland mats. The mastland is a textured mat on which the craftsperson designs geometrical designs on both the borders. These designs are self in
colour but sometimes they are painted in the shade of magenta. Masland are made from a locally grown grass called Madurkathi is an exclusive and expensive handwoven variety of Madur (mats) made by weavers of Purba and Paschim Medinipur districts of West Bengal. Madur is a tradition and
pride of Medinipur. Women of this region are highly skilled weavers crafting these mats at home. You can also find the Mastland mat collection at Stall No. 1083, with National Awardee Ms Mithu Rani Jana from Medinipur, West
From Odisha Comes Shri Biranchi Narayan Behera at Stall No. 1082. Shri Biranchi is a National Awardee and has brought a bery rare art of of Palm Leaf Engraving an art from that is native to Odisha. Odisha is home to some of the earliest engravings in the world. A legacy to which palm leaf
engravings or talapatachitra is linked. Most of his work is centred around religious themes with Stories and incidents of Mahabharat, Ramayana, and other epics are also etched on these delightful works of art.

Mohammad Ali Khatri from Bhuj Gujarat has bought a timeless art called Tie and Die (Bandhani )which still makes fashion statements in the fashion industry. A National Awardee (Shilp Guru) says this art has transcended time
and will always remain popular and can be adapted to many forms of clothing both Indian as well as western. Shri Mohammad Ali is diplaying his craft at Stall No. 1042 and says that people are loving the art form especially
the youngsters.

Women from the theme state Jammu and Kashmir are too making headlines with their exceptional talent and have proved they have traditional crafts to national and international levels. At stall No. 1051, National Merit Certificate holder Zubeda Akhter, Kulgam, Jammu and Kashmir is showcasing her hand woven carpets.  Hand knotted carpets locally known as "Kal baffi" dates back to 15th century after which it progressively attained the high degree of perfection. Carpets from 200 knots to 900 knots/sq. inch both in wool & silk yarn have attained such excellence that they rank amongst the finest in the
world. The loom used by her is the one used ages ago and still makes perfect carpets. Discover the finest Persian and local design meticulously crafted into the luxurious carpets.

A timeless classic is the art of puppets and leather puppets from Andhra Pradesh still evoke the sense of nostalgia. At Stall No. 1055, National Awardee, Padma Shri D. Chalapathi Rao (Shilp Guru) is displaying the centuries old craft of Leather Puppets. She states that entire plays based on
ancient epics are performed using these puppets in remote areas of the Andhra Pradesh, but efforts are being made to take this art to urban areas which will bring the art back into limelight. A must collect item for those who want to soak in the traditional ancient vibes.

A Latin American Nite was also held on the 27th March at the Main Chaupal, Surajkund Mela. The audience was left glued to their seats with their foot tapping rhythms and soul stirring vocals. The performers from various Latin American Countries took to the stage and in an instant the crowd was
mesmerized and even started to jive with the performers. Surajkund Mela is nothing short of a celebration and there is surprise every day for everyone.

Kite Flying Competition was held on 28 th March at Surajkund Mela Grounds
where a number of school children participated to show their kite flying skills.

A total number of 130 Students participated in the competitions from 15
The winners of Kite Flying Competition are as under:
Girls (Seniors) – High flying
Radha and Prachi from Arya Vidya Mandir, Milk Plant, Ballabhgarh
Girls (Juniors) – High Flying
Samridhi and Raunak – Holy Child Public School, Jawahar Colony, NIT
Girls Juniors (Kite Cutting )
– Riya and Soni from Arya Vidya Mandir, Milk Plant, Ballabhgarh

Boys (Juniors) – Kite Cutting
– Bajrangi and Rahul GMSSS Sarai Khawaja, Faridabad.
Boys (Junior) High Flying
– Tejas Suji and Ayaan Khan from Holy Child School Jawahar Colony
Boys (Seniors)- High Flying
– Aakash and Krishan from Modern B.P. Public School, Sector 23,
Boys (Seniors) – Kite Cutting
– Binu and Saransh from GSSS NIT – 5 (B) Faridabad.

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