Affluent Career Opportunities in Sports


The accords achieved by Indian Players in the recent Olympics has once again ignited many career options in the World of sports.  One can connect with this space not just as a player but there are many more options.

Alot of people have interest in one or more sport from childhood. It is a passion for some from early years in life, and if you are one of them who want to make a career in the world of sports, the good news is, there are alot of options available with good salaries.

 It will not be wrong to say: Padhoge likhogey  banogey nawab, lekin khelogey koodogey to hogey nayaab_

The earlier thoughts, where playing games was given less importance in comparision to formal  education is irrelevant today.

If Children were seen busy playing games,  they were always asked to give more importance to studies. The idea of playing sports is still functional for students studying in schools because there, sports education is equally important. New dimensions have been established in sports as a career. Nowadays, very often there are different games and tournaments held at  national and international  levels and hence brings scope for career options related with the game or the player.  These can bring name and fame for you too. 

 Sports Photography:- 

A Sports photographer tries to capture memorable moments during the organisation of the event, the performances of the team or an athlete during or after the event.. You have the option of working as a freelancer or you can be a part of the team. You can make your photographs  available to different publishers or newspapers.

Since its an on field career, you need to have certain qualities– along with the right training, you need to have the passion for it. To have the ability to make a quick decisions  and  to sense an important moment before you capture it  in your camera requires a quick mental and physical action. 

To have an inclination towards the game is the basic requirement.

 Sports Journalism:- 

Does the name Boria Majumdar ring a bell? He has been responsible for bringing us many interesting stories from the cricket world during and even after the game.

If you have the passion to write about a sports tournaments or if you like to give commentary about the sport then, this place is definitely for you. For this you need to have good interviewing skills, ability to write a good article and to have good information about the sport.

 Career in Sports Management:-  

Those students who have a keen interest in entertainment along with the sport, they can definitely opt for this option.

In today’s Times, a lot of big sports events are organised, where the sports manager plays an important role.  Management of  Advertisement, security and audience  is included in sports management.

 Career as a Fitness Expert:- 

Sports person is no less than an athlete . You can benefit from  virtue  in fitness centres or health clubs as a fitness expert.  In this fast moving world where everybody wants to be fit,  a fitness expert can be a very good career option.

 Sports Coach:- 

We all know that behind every good player is the hard work of a good coach. A good coach not only guides a player, but he actually becomes the sport for him.

He builds the training program according to the requirement of the player. You can take a degree in Sports Coaching,  Sports Management or Sports Science. To become a good coach you will need a few good skills in your personality. You need to know how to build and  implement a strategy. You need to know how to build a team and continuously keep motivating. 

 Career as a Commentator:- 

If you have a passion for a game and for any reason if you are unable to be a successful player in that game, then a sports commentator is a very good career option for you. Not only in cricket but in a lot of other games also a sports commentator is needed and this career option has a lot of scope.

writer: Sumit Saurabh, Director Design Circle

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